Moreish More Hard - Superior Grade, Ultra Fine Tylose / CMC!!!

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Love the packaging of More Hard? So do we! You can always rely on Monica for cheekiness in every situation!
As the name suggests, it makes your gumpaste and fondant… More Hard……
Superior Grade Ultra Fine Tylose. This is like concentrate CMC.
Give strength and faster drying time to your fondant and gumpaste. Make your own sugar glue!
This Tylose is ultra fine for faster development.
This is the Tylose used by Monica in her cake decorating, wafer paper and sugar flower work.
More Hard also makes home made sugar glue- simply mix 1/4 teaspoon of More Hard to 2 Table spoons of water, shake up in a container and leave over night to develop. Lasts for a week out of the fridge or a month in the fridge.
Made in Japan - Imported and package by Moreish Cakes

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