Sweet & Petit - Transport Stamp & Cutter Plunger Set (4 pc)


Our 3 in 1 Transport plunger set is a must have to add to your decorators tool-box.

They allow you to cut and stamp your little creations and the plunger ensures you have an easy release. Great to use with cookie dough, fondant, sugar paste & marzipan.

Size: Range between 4cm high and 5cm wide

How to use: Dust the inside of your cutter with some corn-flour.

Roll out your fondant or cookie dough onto a clean and flat surface, cut the fondant with the cutter.

Then press the spring-loaded plunger into the fondant leaving you with an embossed pattern.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only with warm soapy water

Material: High quality food grade plastic

Handy Tips: Lightly dust the inside of the cutter with corn-flour or icing sugar. Doing this ensures you have an easy release.

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