Custom Cookie Cutters - 5x Easter Egg Cutters & Embossers Full Set


Full Set of 5x Egg Embossers & Cutters in Different Sizes.

10 pieces in Total. 

5 Cookie Cutters & 5 Embossers


1. 38mm 

2. 51mm 


4. 76mm 

5. 89mm 

Create your own delicious Easter eggs as a cookie with our "Easter Egg" cutter and embosser set.

The perfect addition to Easter baskets! 

89mm size is the standard that suits our standard 60mm embossers perfectly also.

Unlike metal cutters these won't lose their perfect shape. Cutters all have a tapered edge for sharp cutting unlike many 3d printed cutters on the market.

This product has meticulously printed for clear and sharp embossing images every time. 

Express postage on all orders when placed before 12pm.

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