LOYAL - Sharp Straight Edge Scraper Set x 2

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Ganache your cakes and smooth your buttercream with this set of two Straight Edge Stainless Steel Scrapers from LOYAL.

The ruler measurements along the side of the scrapers will help you ensure your cakes are level as well as being a handy tool to have in the kitchen. 

With the 90 degree corners, you will end up with perfectly ganached cakes in no time.

The scraper works well using the lid method when ganaching.

The straight corners ensure no pesky bits of chocolate are left between the board and the bottom of your cake.

This tool helps create sharp and straight edges on your cakes before fondant is applied.


The beauty with stainless steel is that you can heat it up in a container of hot water which will partially melt the ganache which will help to get smoother and sharper edges!

Unlike other stainless steel scrapers, these scrapers have a bevelled / angled edge which makes ganaching your cakes easier.



Short Scraper: 23cm long x 7.8cm wide

Short Scraper: 28cm long x 7.8cm wide

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